Thresher sharks hunt with their tails

Thresher shark hunting with tail. This thesis was long time suspected by scientist but for the first time proven through our underwater footage. We filmed the thresher shark hunting in Pescador Island in Moalboal, the Philippines.

Our cameraman Klemens Gann shows for the first time a thresher shark hunting sardines in the wild.

The footage was filmed at Pescador Island, Moalboal, the Philippines and our documentary won an international award.

The hunting strategies of pelagic thresher sharks (Alopias pelagicus) were investigated at Pescador Island in the Philippines. It has long been suspected that thresher sharks hunt with their scythe-like tails but the kinematics associated with the behavior in the wild are poorly understood. So till these day these were no evidence or proof that the thresher shark really employ these technique.

We already  knew that this behavior was never filmed and that this was a unique opportunity to proof science. So we sat up a research station with Dr.Simon Oliver to investigate. The sardines stayed around for several months, and the threshers stayed with them. We spent several month in the water looking for a thresher shark hunting the shoal of sardines. After we secured some great hunting clips on film, the scientific community came to following conclusion:

A thresher shark hunting accelerates towards a ball of fish ( in our case it was a shoal of sardines) and brakes sharply by twisting its large pectoral fin downwards. It lowers its snout, pitches its whole body forward, and flexes the base of its tail. This slings the tail tip over its head like a trebuchet.


The footage  was broadcasted by The BBC explaining the “evolution of shark” , National Geographic in their documentary “worlds weirdest sharks” and Discovery Channel annual TV show “shark week”.

We offer our hunting thresher shark stock footage for commercial use. We offer different licensing options for our threhser shark footage including 10 years, worldwide broadcast license.

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