We offer royalty free video stock footage for 49 US$ for an underwater clip. Our royalty free video stock footage is available in HD quality, delivered in 1920×1080. We also offer  royalty free video stock footage clips in 4K UHD, delivered in 3840×2160 as quick time or Mp4 file. Underwater video clips for broadcast TV fall into a different license category, for this service we charge 49 US$ a second. We license our world famous footage of hunting pelagic Thresher sharks filmed in the Philippines have a look at our thresher shark hunting preview.

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All our underwater video footage was filmed in the ocean, the animal’s natural environment. Our royalty free video footage library contains more than thousand clips. You will find a wide range of marine life filmed in different oceans and habitats. The maximum length of an underwater video stock footage clip is 30 seconds. If you purchase an underwater clip you can use it in it’s whole length or just parts of it. There is also no time limit on the clip, which means you can use the clip also at a later time. You can use the same clip once you have purchased it on several projects. The clip is royalty free so there are no additional payments than the one-time purchase fee. If you have questions about the license contact us.
Below you find all our underwater stock footage clips arranged in Playlists. Just find the category for the animals you are interested in and then you can browse through all our royalty free stock footage clips. If you are interested in any clips just use the order form on the right hand side or send us a mail with your order.
If you want to order royalty free video stock footage please choose your license and add the clip number and name. Once we receive payment confirmation we send your underwater video footage via WeTransfer an online service which allows us to send larger video files. You will receive an email from Wetransfer with a download link. Our most successful royalty free video stock footage of hunting Thresher shark is stills available for licensing.
If you want to order several royalty free video stock footage clips we can give discounts. If you are interested in longer clips than 30 seconds or in ready made relaxing short movies to show as wall decor please contact us.