2018 Video Awards

Publication of our underwater footage in the National Museum of Natural History in Manila.

2017 Video Awards

Publications at PADI the world leading diving organization
Our underwater film “Down here” was nominated in the video competition Visions Video

1. Place
video competition
Scubaverse in the month
of June
for our video
“Down here”

PADI the world’s leading diver education organization published our “Thresher shark documentary”

2016 Video Awards

Publications at Gates underwater housings
Special Jury Award “creative and experimental” at Visions Video for our short film “Snoopy’s World”

1. Place
video competition
Visions Video
of June
the movie
“The sardines of Moalboal”

3. Place
video competition
Scubaverse with
the movie
“Night vision”

Our underwater video filmed with the  Sony AX100 video camera in an AX100 Gates underwater video housing was published on the Gates Underwater Housing Website

Publication of our underwater video filmed with the Sony AX100 on the official Sony You Tube channel”

2015 Video Awards

Publications of our hunting thresher shark footage by worldwide broadcast stationss

Publication of our hunting thresher shark footage at The BBC “Sharks of the world”
In addition our hunting thresher shark footage was also published at National Geographic “Worlds weirdest sharks”
Furthermore we got a publication of our
hunting thresher shark footage at Discovery Channel’s Shark Week “Ninja sharks”

2013  Video Awards Publications at broadcast companies

Publication of our hunting thresher shark footage at BBC Science Club
Our hunting thresher shark footage was also published at The New York Times
1.Place from the jury at the video competition Visions Video with the movie “Thresher sharks
hunt with their tails” (September)

2012 Scientific Publications

Listed as author in the science magazine PlosOne with the manuscript “Thresher sharks use tail-slaps as hunting strategy”

2010 TV broadcast publications

Our Underwater cameraman Klemens Gann filmed Whale shark in the Philippines for the series Born to be wild. The movie was about the critical aspect in feeding whale sharks, because scientists raised concerns about the interaction in Oslob. In conclusion
with the scientist and researchers the series was therefore broadcast by the Philippine TV station ABS/CBN

2008  Publications

Publication of our underwater footage on the DVD “I-Dive responsible” which was produced by a Non Governmental Organisation. The video was used to promote responsible diving in marine protected ares located in the Philippines.

2006 Video Awards

1.Place at the video competition Seestern from the german diving magazin “Unterwasser” for the short movie “650 Nanometer” (July und year 20o6)