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We offer relaxing underwater films with colorful reef fish and stunning coral gardens. All our underwater video films are relaxing and soothing and create a peaceful atmosphere. In addition to our relaxing films, we also offer a wide range of underwater video footage clips from our extensive stock footage database.

All video clips can be used for private or commercial projects. Over the years, we have been able to provide many marine biologists and businesses with our underwater shots and we are happy to call the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel our customers.

Our underwater films as download!


Dive Moalboal

amazing coral reef, turtles and macro delights

Dive The Red Sea

Spectacular walls, incredible colours and pelagic fish

Dive Palau

One of the worlds seven underwater wonders


Meet the anemone fishes of the indo-pacific ocean


Visit the sharks of Tiger Beach in this action film


A magical night dive with extraordinary creatures


Our most relaxing underwater film


The amazing coral reef in full 4K quality


An underwater journey through the Philippines

Diving Paradise Maldives

A paradise with coconut palm trees and manta rays

Underwater Stock Footage

We offer underwater video stock footage for 49 US$ a clip. All our stock footage clips can be viewed in our playlist.

Footage clips in HD are delivered in 1920×1080 and 4K UHD in 3840×2160 as quick time or Mp4 file. The maximum length of a clip is 30 seconds. If you wish to purchase longer video footage clips or if you have further questions please contact us. Here you can view all our Underwater Stock Footage Clips.

Commercial use of our underwater films!

We offer a commercial license for only 99 US$. This license allows you to show our underwater films in public places like dive centers, health sector, restaurants, events, exhibitions… on multiple monitors. For other applications like TV and media please contact us for the according rate. In addition to the license the actual film has to be purchased from our Vimeo VOD site, the prices are shown on the site.